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  • Since February 2013 they have traveled the world through house sitting, enjoying 95% FREE lodgings, saving them on average $40000 a year on their travel accommodation. 

  • With house sitting you can travel right NOW no matter what your financial situation (they started with just $300 to their name... no savings, no credit and no income... that is a whole other story as you can imagine!).

  • In fact, without house sitting there is no way they could afford to travel as often or as extensively as they do. Period!

  • Instead they would be saving up or using credit cards to take short vacations each year, and spending thousands of dollars for the privilege... just like everyone else does.

  • All while staying in amazing local places with all the comforts of home..

  • In fact thousands of people globally, of all nationalities, backgrounds and ages, are using house sitting to travel the world.

  • And of course we're not alone! 

  • However, it's also important to remember house sitting is not a 'free' holiday

  • Some as one-off vacations, many mix it with other travel experiences, and a handful like us, do it full-time.

  • House sitting is an exchange of services - you look after someone’s home and their pets (if they have them), and in return you enjoy free accommodation and utilities, and often use of their vehicle. 

  • If you like free spirited travel where you can move around constantly or be out sight-seeing all day, then you could consider house sitting as a great addition to your travel mix instead. A time to slow down and really get to know a place.

  • Be a SOUGHT AFTER HOUSE SITTER with owners approaching you to sit for them.  Have far more CHOICE IN WHERE YOU TRAVEL TO.  Learn how to SAVE A FORTUNE ON YOUR FLIGHTS & TRAVEL

  • House sitting is all about slower paced immersion travel into cultures and communities, experiencing the joy of getting to know the locals, having time to learn a new language or write that illusive book, combined of course with the love and fun of awesome pets.

  • If you are ready to travel the world full-time or part-time with house sitting, then the Academy is ready to make it a reality.
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